This blog is all about the dreams I have. I have always been known to have strange dreams, sometimes they reflect what I watched on TV, sometimes they have something to do with a book I’m writing/reading, sometimes they are about a movie I saw, but they are almost always strange in a way that makes whoever I explain them to call me weird, or say that I have a wild imagination.

The dreams I put on here are only going to be the weird ones, or the ones I feel I have to tell someone because they had a special meaning, so no boring ones – or at least that’s what I’m shooting for. So click on the links below if the title sounds interesting to you, and feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

Kyle Writtenword.

P.S. If I use the word weird or strange, don’t fault me for it, lol. It generally means that I was disoriented, confused, or that I simply don’t know how to describe something, but I’ll try not to use it all that much. I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible, but I try to do that anyway, lol. And these are usually not very formal. I haven’t tried to use a specific style or anything like that, so my actual thoughts and ideas are in these. It’s not like a book, more like a one-sided conversation.

Brotherly Love What? Where?

Talon and the Bird(s)

Vampires, and Slavery, and Blood, Oh My!

Can You Say Justice For The Peace? How About Endless Reincarnation?

Giant Wolf

My Very Own Ghost-Fighting Leopard

GSW And Runnin From The Po-lice


Horror Movie In My Head!!

Ever Heard Of Black Beauty?

In The Words Of A Fine A$$ Woman, I’m A Slave

A Vampire’s Rite of Passage

My – No, Our Summer

Reading Minds W/ A Med. Tech.

My Life As A Thriller Move On Lifetime

I Have, Not A Dream, But A Dream


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